6 Replies to “Adobe Photoshop Elements 8-OSX-FR-EN.dmg”

    1. Hi, there should be no trick to downloading the file. If you could describe the issue you are encountering, we will attempt to help you.

    1. Hi, is it possible your internet connection is cutting out? This is a huge download (1.3GB) and it does download successfully on sufficiently high speed connections.

  1. I have encountered an error code that says “The software cannot be installed because the file system of the setup volume is not supported.” Any thoughts? Or solutions? I have a mac, running Mojave.

    1. Hi, unfortunately since OSX High Sierra, Apple has introduced the APFS file system, which is incompatible with this version of Photoshop. There is no current solution which would allow you to install this application on OSX beyond version 10.12

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