Web Awareness Workshop Series 2008

All five workshops in the Web Awareness Workshop Series have been updated for 2008-09 to reflect changes to URLs that are cited and to highlight current online trends. Of particular significance, the Cyber Bullying workshop has been updated to include current Canadian research from the Universities of Toronto, McGill and Lethbridge. The Safe Passage workshop includes new information on Facebook and issues relating to social networking.PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES FOR EDUCATORSAdults need to keep ahead of kids on prevailing Internet issues.The Media Awareness Network’s professional development workshops offer teachers a comprehensive program on:Safety Privacy Marketing Cyber bullying Evaluation of online information The Web Awareness Workshop Series:Cyber Bullying: Encouraging ethical online behaviour Safe Passage:Teaching kids to be safe and responsible onlineKids for Sale:Online privacy and marketing to kidsFact or Folly:Authenticating online informationGrowing with the Net: A developmental approach to children’s Internet use (Ages 4-12) – Pilot Workshopa PowerPoint presentation with notesan extensive Workshop Guide with handouts The workshops may be used for non-commercial, educational purposes only. The slide presentations must be used intact with no modifications: no editing, deleting, adding or copying of slides is permitted. The PowerPoint® and PDF files may be put on the organization’s network or portable computers, but may not be transferred to any other computer for use outside the organization. The resources may be used for professional development workshops, parent workshops and/or for individual self-directed learning. The workshops are for adult education; they must not be used in the classroom with the exception of Faculties of Education.

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