The Geometer’s Sketchpad

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New in Sketchpad Version 5 (see .)

Transformable Pictures

  • Engage students in learning by letting them import and transform any image.
  • Import digital photographs or drag and drop images from a web page into a sketch.
  • Pictures can be reflected, rotated, dilated, attached to points, cropped to polygons, iterated, used in locus constructions, and more!

Hot Text™

  • Hot Text makes presentations clearer and more effective by dynamically linking captions and the objects they describe.
  • Simply click an object to insert its fully mathematically formatted notation (Hot Text) into a caption.
  • Mouse over that Hot Text to highlight the referenced object.

Marker Tool

  • The Marker tool enhances presentations and facilitates the use of interactive whiteboards.
  • Add clarity with angle markers, congruency marks, and parallel arrows.
  • In blank space, you can handwrite text or circle parts of your sketch for emphasis or make a freehand drawing that you can then transform.

Expanded Algebraic Capabilities

  • Function plots and loci can be transformed and iterated, and intersections of function plots can be found.
  • Construct entire families of functions and families of curves, parameterized either geometrically or numerically.
  • Choose a grid with trigonometric labels, create and listen to dynamic audible functions, and graph parametric functions.

Expanded Geometric Capabilities

  • Easily construct polygons and their interiors with the new Polygon tool.
  • Angles can be defined by two intersecting rays or segments, and can also be defined to be reflex angles greater than 180° or trigonometric angles (between –2π and 2π radians).
  • Multiple transformations can be combined into a single custom transformation.
  • New nonlinear transformations can be defined and added to the Transform menu.

Improved Display

  • Expanded line weights, line strokes, and point sizes allow for age-appropriate sizing of objects.
  • Text style and size on axis tick marks are adjustable.
  • Mathematical italicization is used in labels, measurements, calculations, and equations.
  • The layout of mathematical expressions is improved — you can use Greek symbols, multiple or nested subscripts in labels, and other mathematical notation

Performance and Usability

  • All your Version 4 sketches and activities will still work — they’ll just work faster.
  • Sketchpad Version 5 supports Unicode and video game-quality graphics through a tenfold increase in data compression, high-performance graphics acceleration, and advanced data handling.
  • The new Information tool gives quick access to definitions and properties of objects.
  • New JavaSketchpad applets can incorporate algebraic functionality and action buttons.
  • Sketchpad 5 is a downloadable application that can be installed over a network.

. Separate installation codes for school boards, teachers/students.

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