SMART Ideas 5.0

SMART Ideas concept-mapping software enables teachers and students to create multilevel concept maps using colourful symbols, arrows and clip art to reinforce
concepts from all subjects. An unlimited number of levels can be added to any symbol in the map, along with links to video files, audio clips, documents, photos,
presentations and websites. SMART Ideas software includes an extensive clip-art gallery and a multi language template library that offers approximately 5,000
curriculum-based images as well as a collection of built-in map templates to help teachers save time and add visual interest to their lessons.

New features:

  • Enhanced, three-dimensional Global view: Get a complete view of your map and how concepts relate to one another.
  • Improved content management: Use Style Collections for quick access to symbols, basic and deluxe connectors, clip art, and interactive Cliplets. With menu bars and thumbnail screens more discreetly organized into tabs, more mapping space is now available.
  • More intuitive Outline view: See the text-based outline of an entire map, including multiple levels. Help students make the connection between visual diagrams and written text by switching between Diagram and Outline views.
  • Presentation view: Remove toolbars for a larger screen area during presentations.
  • Stickies: Place sticky symbols and clip art inside other symbols to demonstrate relationships. For example, students can place relevant objects in shopping carts or baskets during matching exercises.
  • Expanded language support: Switch between languages (English, French and now Spanish), making the software ideal for multi language classes and schools.
  • Legend creation: Add legends to emphasize meaning in symbols and their relationship to information.
  • New drawing and text-formatting tools: Copy symbols and colours, and apply styles quickly throughout maps using new Auto Colour and Auto Size features.


Other new features:

  • Boost visual and auditory appeal by playing video and sound files inside the map symbols.
  • Customize map themes, wallpaper and alignment of text and symbols.
  • Proofread and revise map text using more powerful Spell Check and Find/Replace functions that scan multiple levels.
  • At the end of class, diagrams or outlines can be exported to Microsoft® Word, Appleworks®, or saved as HTML files for e-mail distribution or easy posting to a  website.

SMART Ideas software can be used on desktop computers, SMART Board interactive whiteboards and Sympodium interactive pen displays.

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