Netsupport School Pro 11

Computer Lab and classroom management software with 200 new enhanced features over version 10. This release of NetSupport School 11 has a new Key which is posted in the Operational Contacts eCommunicty discussion under the Public OSAPAC forum.  It was also emailed to contacts at the school boards.


New features in version 11.
  • New Question and Answer module to deliver student and peer assessment in seconds.
  • New Tutor Assistant app for Apple iOS and Android devices to give teachers and teaching assistants the freedom to manage, monitor and engage with students on the move.
  • Support for Google Chrome OS netbooks, allowing them to be monitored by a standard teacher PC.
  • A wealth of new features for technicians, including the ability to set school-wide security profiles, apply ‘Always on’ restrictions and much more.
  • Newly enhanced unique digital Student Journal to aid in lesson recording and improve the provision of content for students outside of the classroom.
  • New Video Editor, allowing Replay Files (a previous screen recording) to be trimmed and edited before being exported to common video formats.
  • File Transfer and Video performance now 10x faster and uses up to 50% less network bandwidth.

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