Naxos Music Library

For the next three years, teachers and students will have unlimited streaming access to this collection of more than 600,000 tracks of music. This includes both in-school access, and remote access, meaning students and teachers will have access to this site from both school and home.Naxos Music Library offers everything from medieval to modern music, jazz, electronic, world music, pop, rock, and more. It also offers expert educational content written by a full-time staff of musicologists: composer biographies, glossary of musical terms, opera libretti and synopses, a junior section with Meet the Orchestra, more than 150 educational podcast, and much more. The Naxos Music Library is not just a streaming-audio resource, it is an educational resource that can be used by teachers across multiple subject areas. In addition, the Naxos Music Library allows teachers to create their individual playlists that reflect the teaching needs of their students and their own unique situation.Over the coming months, Naxos will be providing various instructional materials on how to take advantage of the full capabilities of the Naxos Music Library. They will also be providing annotated playlists that provide listening examples supporting the revised Ontario Currriculum, The Arts, Grades 1-8 and The Arts, Grades 9-12.

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