What is Mindomo?Mindomo is an online mind mapping tool and collaboration services provider that offers the perfect habitat for developing ideas and brainstorming with your team.
Teach CreativelyToday’s students are hungry for relevant information that can help them develop into creative independent thinkers.

  • Encourage students to work together on mind maps
  • Create assignments that can be easily accessed online by students
  • Visualize learning concepts across the curriculum through mind maps

Help Students Learn PassionatelyTomorrow’s professionals are creative leaders using their knowledge to solve problems and make decisions efficiently. Guide your students to:

  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop new projects with mind mapping
  • Brainstorm new ideas on mind maps to spur their creativity
  • Organize online resources in order to increase their productivity


  • Organize ideas, content, texts, teaching material and resources by creating and developing simple or complex mind maps
  • Brainstorm new ideas with students or colleagues in order to encourage group work
  • Create and share assignments, lesson plans, teaching outlines and presentations
  • Collaborate with other colleagues project-based
  • Assign tasks to students straight on the mind map allowing them to work either alone or with other colleagues on various projects and assignments
  • Research and collect information and resources with Mindomo Bookmarks and add links to the researched websites straight from the mind map
  • Export ideas and mind map information to outline format

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