Fathom Version 2.0

What is new in Fathom 2. The help system has been improved by adding one-minute movies that show basic skills. Color coordination of key words throughout the program makes it easier to keep track of what’s going on. More than 100 small changes to the formula editor make it much easier to use. It is now possible to place more than one attribute on an axis, so that a whole host of new graphs can be created with the same drag-and-drop ease as before.Meters, fortnights, and watts are just three of the more than 90 units Fathom now understands and can convert from one system to another and use in algebraic formulas with simplification. If attributes have units, then units propagate everywhere from slopes of fitted lines to summary statistics.The “URL-drop” method of importing data from web pages has been made to work even better and for an even wider variety of sites. For collections that need “joining,” a single drag and drop accomplishes the task!Fathom includes the text editor that comes with The Geometer’s Sketchpad® Version 4, allowing the formatting of annotations as you see fit, including font, color, symbols, fractions, and more.Add five-number summaries to a summary table by menu command. Easily create correlation matrices by dragging multiple, continuous attributes to summary tables. Use the new Linear Model tool to create both simple and multiple regression models. Use new functions such as linRegrPredicted and logRelativeError to create even more compelling visualizations. And, with a host of new graphing capabilities, go on even deeper explorations of data that Fathom 2 has made even easier to acquire.

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