Clicker 5.28

Clicker is a powerful yet easy-to-use writing support and multimedia tool that enables children to write with whole words, phrases or pictures.It is easy to tailor for individual needs and supports all areas of the curriculum. Clicker Writer is Clicker’s talking word processor – you can type into this with the keyboard, or you can click on items in the Clicker Grid to send them into Clicker Writer.Clicker comes with high-quality software speech so you can hear words in the Clicker Grid before you write, or hear what you’ve written. You can also use speech voices for other languages, or record your own speech. Clicker also comes with a large picture library with 1,000 educationally related images. You can also use your own pictures.Clicker has a range of accessibility options for people who cannot use a mouse or keyboard. There is a huge range of free, ready-made materials on the Crick Software LearningGrids website at Clicker 5 is more advanced than Clicker 4, taking advantage of the latest technologies, yet it’s even easier to use. The interface will be familiar to those used to Clicker, plus there is an editing mode added to make creating grids even easier. With Clicker 5, you can store many grids in a single file called a ‘Grid Set’, which can also store all their pictures, sounds and videos. So it’s really easy to share and move your grids. You can save your preferences with the Grid Set, too. Clicker 5’s new Elan SaysoTM UK English speech engine sounds incredibly realistic.All Print Materials will be provided in PDF on the Local Install.Runs on Windows 7 and Macintosh Snow Leopard.

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