Career Cruising 2012

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CAREER CRUISING is a comprehensive career guidance system that seamlessly guides students through the career and education planning process. World class assessment tools help students learn about themselves and the various career paths open to them. Using what they have learned, students can then research in-depth occupation profiles, featuring multimedia interviews with real people in every occupation. Once they have decided on a career path or paths, they can link directly to comprehensive university, community college, and apprenticeship training information. Throughout this process, students can record what they have learned in CAREER CRUISING’s easy-to-use portfolio tool and resume builder, providing further preparation for the world of work. CAREER CRUISING also offers an administrative tool for advisors called CAMS (Career Advisor Management System) which allows teachers, counselors, and administrators to effectively implement and manage the use of CAREER CRUISING at their site.  Anaca Technologies is responsible for distributing login usernames and passwords to all schools so that they are able to access the Career Cruising web site. Anaca Technologies will also make available training sessions for all schools and boards in the province.  Anaca Technologies will distribute usernames and passwords to schools that do not already have one.

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