Technology Integration Matrices

Puentedura’s Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition (SAMR) model (2014) is an important theoretical reference source for the effective integration of technology in teaching and learning in the digital age for the benefit of student engagement in knowledge acquisition. The SAMR model aims for considerably more than improved practice by using digital tools, i.e., by substituting the use of technology for traditional know-how or increasing the number of digital tools to facilitate the completion of an activity. Rather, the objective suggested by the author of the SAMR model is a complete transformation of practice, i.e., by modifying the production stage in which completion of the activity requires the use of technology. The ultimate goal of the model is to fully integrate technology in teaching and learning. Thus, the redefinition of learning strategies is aimed at creating new activities that were previously inconceivable without technology.

Source: PEDAGOGY IN THE DIGITAL AGE, Literature Review and Online Interviews (p.48)