Reading and Writing Achievement 4.1

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RWA: Reading and Writing Achievement 4.1 (Macintosh and Windows network, and Internet versions) is designed to promote student success on the Grade 10 Test of Reading and Writing Skills. Tutorials and practice activities are accompanied by immediate feedback and complimented by self-assessment instruments.The Reading section focuses on skills and strategies that students require to access informational, graphical and literary texts. Engaging, relevant, cross-curricular materials are incorporated.The Writing section focuses on the composition and proofreading of news reports, informational paragraphs, summaries, opinion pieces, spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Several student samples are included for peer assessment. Students are able to compare their assessment with that of a teacher.Revisions have been made as a result of changes to the latest EQAO test. These include:- new sections on Reading and Real-life Narratives, dialogues and News Reports;- new section in Writing on Short Writing Tasks;- additional writing tasks in Opinion Pieces:- a quiz on Language Usage Skills in Proofreading.The Guide will be provided on the Local Install in PDF format.

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