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Critical Thinking and Information Literacy
A digital citizen is one who…
  • uses effective strategies to search for information (e.g., keywords, narrowing a search)
  • uses credible online resources (e.g., databases, encyclopedias, ebooks)
  • evaluates and reflects critically on information/resources/sites
  • applies an inquiry model to gather, use and evaluate information in order to build knowledge

Creation and Credit
A digital citizen is one who…
  • respects intellectual property of others (e.g., paraphrases and gives credit)
  • uses digital resources responsibly and adheres to user agreements
  • understands and gives credence to the consequences of unauthorized distribution
  • utilizes appropriate licensing options for personal creations (e.g., Creative Commons)

Presence and Communication
A digital citizen is one who…
  • communicates appropriately according to the audience (e.g., conventions, voice, form)
  • contributes positively to the local and global communities
  • identifies and responds appropriately to online issues (e.g., cyberbullying, sexting, etc.)
  • develops a positive reputation and digital footprint

Health and Protection
A digital citizen is one who…
  • implements precautions for online security (e.g., passwords, settings)
  • protects the privacy of self and others
  • balances offline and online activities (e.g., gaming, texting, social networking, etc.)
  • uses devices with attention to physical and mental health